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St. John's Wort for Diabetic Depression

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St. John's Wort for Diabetic Depression Written by Laura Wheeler NaturalDiabetics.com I have included this here not because it primarily affects blood sugar, but because depression often occurs a READ MORE

Diabetes De-Stress

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Diabetes De-Stress by Diabetes.co.uk - The Global Diabetes Community Daily life is stressful, whether you are suffering from diabetes or not. De-stressing should be a priority for every one of us. READ MORE

Diabetes and Depression

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Diabetes and Depression Diabetes and Depression Depression can strike anyone, but people with diabetes, a serious disorder that afflicts an estimated 16 million Americans, may be at greater risk. READ MORE

Antioxidants Improve Diabetes Complication

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Antioxidants Improve Diabetes Complication July 24, 2008 By Kimberly Beauchamp, ND medfinds Healthnotes Newswire (July 24, 2008)—People with type 2 diabetes are more likely to suffer from memo READ MORE
Many diabetics experience mental problems which have been found, in some cases, to respond to alternative medicine. Depression, anxiety and stress can all cause changes in blood sugar levels and how the body processes insulin. This means that blood glucose levels can change depending on mood or situation. This may mean more frequent testing and adjusting of daily insulin doses.
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