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Natural Bladder Control for Men and Women

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The bladder is found in the lower part of the abdomen. Your bladder is a hollow pelvic organ with flexible, muscular walls that stores urine. In males, it is superior to the prostate, and separated fr READ MORE

Women Bladder and Bladder Exercises

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Women Bladder It is common that women begin to have problems with bladder control after interrupted their periods. If you are learning to live with menopause, this letter is for you. After the bod READ MORE

Herbal Remedy Banaba for Kidney, Bladder Problems, Obesity and Diabetes

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There is a tree that grows in the Philippines and bears purple flowers during the rainy season. The tree is the banaba and it is now gaining attention from the rest of the world because of its medicin READ MORE
Alternative medicine for diabetic bladder control is available for those who suffer from diabetes type 2 or diabetes type 1. Always check with your doctor before starting a diabetes care medicine.
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