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Neurogenic bladder

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Neurogenic bladder Healthatoz.com Causes and symptoms There are numerous causes for neurogenic bladder dysfunction and symptoms vary depending on the cause. An overactive bladder is caused by i READ MORE

Neurogenic Bladder Causes | Risk Factors

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Neurogenic Bladder Causes | Risk Factors The Cleveland Clinic Individuals with neurogenic bladder lack bladder control. This condition often accompanies trauma, diseases that affect nervous syst READ MORE

Sexual and Urologic Problems of Diabetes:Neurogenic Bladder

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Sexual and Urologic Problems of Diabetes:Neurogenic Bladder MedicineNet.com n neurogenic bladder, damage to the nerves that go to your bladder can cause it to release urine when you do not inten READ MORE
Causes of Diabetic Neurogenic Bladder: Evidence has indicated that neurogenic bladder occurs in women and men with diabetes at earlier ages than in those without diabetes. Neurogenic Bladder is a form of diabetic neuropathy that occurs when blood sugar levels are uncontrolled, usually over a long period of time. Diabetes management is required to keep blood sugar levels within normal range.
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