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Diabetic Journey

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The blog is about a diabetic fathers journey in his fight to prevent his son from getting diabetes using the diabetes management skills that he has learned READ MORE

Recycle Diabetes test strips

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Ways of recycling your diabetes test strips! READ MORE

Diabetes Update

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Diabetes Update Comments on the latest news about diabetes and the day-to-day challenges of controlling blood sugar. Also check out Blood Sugar 101 for an in-depth look at some cutting edge diab READ MORE

Diabetes Blog Network

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Diabetes Blog Network Welcome to the Diabetes Blog Network (www.diabetesblognetwork.com). This Diabetes Blog Web community is designed to help diabetes patients and their caregivers by creating a c READ MORE

Blogs | dLife

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Blogs | dLife About dLife dLifeÛFor Your Diabetes Life! Welcome to dLifeÒFor Your Diabetes Life, the number one source that empowers millions of diabetes patients and those who care for them to READ MORE

Six Until Me

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Six Until Me What Does "Six Until Me" Mean? The first symptoms of diabetes presented themselves when I was six years old. Six years until diabetes. The title of this blog is best explained by a READ MORE

Diabetes Mine

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About This Site HereÌs Why I think I can, I think I can÷ I know I can, I know I can÷ learn to count the carb content of everything that passes my lips; carry monitor, glucose tabs, insulin pump/pe READ MORE
Diabetes Blogs: Diabetic blogs are a great place for diabetics to share their personal experiences on living with diabetes. Some are insulin dependent while others take medications like Actos, Amaryl, Avandia, or Glucovance. All diabetics test their blood sugar levels using a glucose monitor or glucose meter.
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