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Do you have diabetes?

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Do you have diabetes? If you're overweight, you're at increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that needs careful management. Take the quiz below to see if you have any sym READ MORE

Is your Type 2 Diabetes under Control?

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Is your Type 2 Diabetes under Control? Online test to help you determine if you have your diabetes under control. Understanding your score The Health Score was created by a team of medical ex READ MORE

Diabetes Risk

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Diabetes Risk About This Site Your Disease Risk is an educational website of the Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine. The Siteman Cancer READ MORE
Diabetes Health Check Tools are made up of testing tools or questionaires that determine your risk for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes. These exams can provide inforation about diabetes, lifestyle risk, genetic risks, diet, nutrition, and more. Most of the results of these testing tools can be printed and taken to your health care provider for follow-up and further testing.
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