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Diabetes and high Cholesterol + - small vent

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Diabetes and high Cholesterol + - small vent I recently got the results back from my blood panel and my LDL is higher than last time. I'm somewhat confused because I was expecting it to go down a READ MORE

Diabetes, Cholesterol & Heart Disease

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Diabetes, Cholesterol & Heart Disease American Diabetes Association Cholesterol (ko-LES-ter-ol) is a waxy, fat-like substance that is in all the body's cells, including the blood. Your body needs READ MORE

Diabetes and Cholesterol

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Diabetes and Cholesterol American Heart Association Getting down to the details If you have diabetes, you're more likely to have more cholesterol abnormalities Û which contributes to cardiovascul READ MORE
Cholesterol problems are common with diabetes. Ignoring warning signs can lead to heart diseases. Low fat, low cholesterol diet, low carbohydrate diet and other diet nutrition recipes for diabetes, along with a regular cholesterol test will reduce chances of developing high cholesterol and heart disease. Controlling cholesterol can help keep blood sugar levels normal and prevent atherosclerosis and other complications of Diabetes. Careful Diabetes management and control of cholesterol are essential to prevent complications of diabetes.
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