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The Connection Between Diabetes and Stroke

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The Connection Between Diabetes and Stroke From Jennifer Hicks November 6, 2007 About.com A person with diabetes is at higher risk than others for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases READ MORE

Stroke and Diabetes

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Stroke and Diabetes WebMD f you have diabetes, itÌs important to understand your increased risk of stroke. Multiple studies have shown that people with diabetes are at greater risk for stroke co READ MORE
Diabetes increases the risk of stroke. While there is not a cure for Diabetes yet, there are ways to control symptoms, keep blood sugar levels healthy, and lower the risk of stroke and other Diabetes complications. Learn how to maintain a healthy diet for Diabetics, such as a low carbohydrate diet or a low cholesterol diet, monitor blood sugar levels with a glucose monitor, and take Diabetes medicine if prescribed, and you will lower your risk of stroke.
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