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High-fiber bran diets reduce cholesterol levels

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High-fiber bran diets reduce cholesterol levels Better Nutrition (1989-90) , March, 1990 by Frank Murray High-Fiber Bran Diets Reduce Cholesterol Levels Cutting serum cholesterol isn't al READ MORE

High-Fiber Cereal Cuts Excess Insulin Production

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High-Fiber Cereal Cuts Excess Insulin Production Date: 15-Jun-04 PlanetArk.org Country: USA Now, a study in the medical journal Diabetes Care suggests that dietary fiber might prevent so-calle READ MORE

Cereal Analysis for Diabetics

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Cereal Analysis for Diabetics GlucoMenu.com Select a food from the list below for a diabetic analysis. Cold Cereal: Cascadian Farm Great Measure Cereal Cascadian Farm Multi Grain Squares Cas READ MORE

Granola Medley

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Granola Medley Source: Eat Fit Be Fit: Health and Weight Management Solutions by Linda Arpino MA, RD, CDN A tasty mixture of raisins, sunflower seeds, banana chips, cereal, and dried cranberrie READ MORE

Peanut Butter Cereal Mix

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Peanut Butter Cereal Mix Source: dLife A toasted assortment of cereal combined with sweet honey and peanut butter. Ingredients | Makes 6 Servings 3 tbsp honey 3 tbsp margarine 3 tbsp red READ MORE

Glucerna - Cereal

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Glucerna - Cereal For customer assistance and general information on the Glucerna family of products, call our toll-free number: 1-877-7GLUCERNA (1-877-745-8237), and select option #1. Hours: Mond READ MORE
A diabetic diet using whole grains may help prevent low blood sugar and control blood sugar levels. People with diabetes do not make enough insulin or are resistant to insulin and can use diet to help manage diabetes and their blood sugar level. Choosing the right food and healthy eating is an essential part of any diabetes management plan.
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