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Diabetic Diet -- General Rules

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Diabetic Diet -- General Rules Diet Plan: This Diet provides 50% Starch, 30% Protein & 20% Fat in Calories. 1. Eat only those foods which are on the diet list. 2. Do not skip or miss the meals. READ MORE

Diabetes: Exchange List

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Diabetes: Exchange List Chart: Sugar content of high-carb foods What are the exchange lists? The exchange lists tell you the amount of a food that equals 1 exchange. The foods on each list are READ MORE

How To Use Exchange Lists

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How To Use Exchange Lists Diabetic Exchange Lists The objective of diabetic exchange lists is to maintain the proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats throughout the day. Patients sho READ MORE

Your diabetes diet: Exchange lists

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Your diabetes diet: Exchange lists Your diabetes diet can help you control your blood sugar level. Use diabetes exchange lists to make sure you're getting a proper mix of calories, carbohydrates and READ MORE
Diabetic Exchange List: Diabetics need to eat healthy in order to keep blood sugar under control. Following a diabetic diet and exchange list will help a diabetic get the right amount of nutrients, control blood sugar, and help prevent diabetic complications. Monitoring your blood sugar with a glucose monitor is a vital part of diabetes management.
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