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Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) in People Without Diabetes

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Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) in People Without Diabetes What is hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar. It occurs when the level of sugar, or glucose, in the blood drops too low to give t READ MORE

Hypoglycemia, Diabetic

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Hypoglycemia, Diabetic Signs and Symptoms History Symptoms are idiosyncratic and vary considerably between individuals (6)[A]. Gather detailed history. Adrenergic hypoglycemia symptoms: READ MORE

How is hypoglycemia diagnosed?

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How is hypoglycemia diagnosed? Blood glucose can be easily measured by blood testing in a doctor's office. Home test kits are also available for rapid glucose measurement. These home test kits are READ MORE

What is fasting hypoglycemia?

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What is fasting hypoglycemia? Fasting hypoglycemia, which most commonly occurs among people with diabetes when too much insulin is administered, is potentially very dangerous, because of the risk o READ MORE

What is reactive hypoglycemia?

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What is reactive hypoglycemia? Reactive hypoglycemia refers to hypoglycemia that occurs after a meal. Reactive hypoglycemia can be seen in patients who have had surgical removal of the stomach (gas READ MORE
Diabetic Hypoglycemia Diagnosis and Tests: While blood glucose monitoring is one Hypoglycemia test, there are other tests and diagnosis methods for low blood sugar levels, which can occur in both Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes and can lead to other serious Diabetes complications such as dizziness, confusion, fainting, and Diabetic coma.
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