Ask the Dietitian - by Joanne Larsen MS RD LD - Diabetes
Ask the Dietitian - by Joanne Larsen MS RD LD - Diabetes


Joanne Larsen is a registered and licensed dietitian with extensive clinical experience in nutrition counseling in hospitals, clinics, mental health, and nursing homes. She has a bachelor's degree in dietetics with a minor in chemistry and a masters degree in nutrition with a minor in counseling and guidance. She is a member of the American Dietetic Association and the Society for Nutrition Education.

As the editor for the American Dietetic Association's new online diet manual covering over 70 diseases, Joanne developed a research based nutrition practices manual with patient education materials. It is used by thousands of dietitians in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and private practice.

Ask the Dietitian TM website launched July 1995 and maintained by Joanne Larsen is one of the first nutrition sites on the Internet and has won many awards. Joanne is often interviewed as a nutrition expert for television, radio, newspaper, and magazine nutrition articles including

Since 1989, Joanne has designed diet analysis software as well as food and ingredient databases for several software companies. Starting in 1995, she created web tools and nutrition content for many successful Internet companies. In 2000, Joanne has developed nutrition software for PDAs as well as marketing health technology products like a bar code scanner for consumers to make healthier food choices.

In 1995, Joanne wrote "Edmund's Food Ratings for Dieters" which sold over 10,000 copies in 6 months. She created the food ratings to help consumers compare how well a food fit in their weight loss plan.

Her teaching experiences at the University at Minnesota Duluth and two Minnesota Community Colleges provided her with the opportunity to share her knowledge and clinical experience as a nutrition educator with undergraduate and graduate students.

Her skills are integrating nutrition and technology for consumer and professional audiences. If your company needs marketing for or development of a nutrition or health technology product, contact Joanne Larsen at


I am a diabetic and weigh 130 pounds. I would like to go down to 115 - 120 pounds. Any tips or suggestions?
I constantly crave sugar. I know that some of these are symptoms of diabetes, but could something else be the cause?
I need to find what kinds of cultural foods / diet that Lakota Sioux Indians eat for a patient who is a new diagnosed diabetic.
My husband followed his diabetes and cholesterol diet, but now that his doctor took him off pills, he is going back to his old ways of eating and drinking.
I was tested when I had all the blood work done. My sugar level was a little high.
Since insulin turns carbohydrates into fat, is there a medication to take that will slow down insulin production?
My father has diabetes and his doctor says frozen packaged food is not good for diabetics. Is there anything to that?
My mom has diabetes type II, but is confused on how to count sugar grams in foods and how carbohydrates map to sugar grams if they do.
My father has borderline diabetes for which he is taking pills. He would like to know what kind of doctor he should be seeing to get the best dietary advice.
I am a diabetic, what are the benefits of taking this vanadyl sulfate supplement?
What are the signs and symptoms of diabetes?
Is there a similar set up for a diabetic that's on, let's say, 2000 calories a day?
I am very shaky and just do not feel well. I was wondering if the Weight Watchers diet would work for me as I have diabetes and high blood pressure.
Sometimes in the morning after I eat breakfast by an hour or so I become sleepy even though I do not overeat. While if I overeat during dinner I do not feel the same effect.
I have a friend who has diabetes and is obese. She makes no effort to curb her fat intake and her tests are in the good to excellent range.
I was wondering how to tell when blood glucose readings are just "low" and when they are "deadly" low?
What is the best way to find a registered dietitian in my area that specializes in diets for Type II (?) diabetics?
I thought that fructose raises your LDL. Is this in fact the case?
I'm a diabetic who eats 4 - 5 servings of nuts per day and 5 - 6 sodas. Is this consumption OK?
My husband is a diabetic, could you give me some help in filling lunch pails for him?
My doctor told me I have "borderline diabetes". He told me to lay off sugar and candy. Is that all I should not eat?
Does NutraSweet stimulate my food wants? Would I be better off going back to the saccharin sweeteners?
I am a diabetic and I've read that I can use fructose as a sweetener. Is that true? Am I limited in how much I use?
I need some help with my dad who is a diabetic. I would like some cookie recipes if you have some available or could you tell me where some could be found.
Can I rinse the syrup off regular canned fruit? I'm a diabetic and the dietetic canned fruit is so expensive?
Why do diabetics have to cut out all sweets, yet when they feel weak or light-headed, they put a piece of hard candy in their mouths?
My son is a diabetic. What should I serve at his birthday party?

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