Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research - including Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) - holds great promise in the search for a cure and better treatments for diabetes. Currently, severe restrictions on federal funding of this research have created an environment where states have taken the lead in setting new policies and establishing funding mechanisms for stem cell research.

State laws and proposals regarding stem cell research vary widely. For instance, in 2004, California voters passed a proposition that earmarked $3 billion to stem cell research over ten years. During the same time frame, other states were considering proposals to ban this research. ADA has engaged in both state efforts to secure or increase funding for stem cell research and efforts to block proposals to ban this research.

The American Diabetes Association supports stem cell research while strongly opposing reproductive cloning. We will continue to support legislation and proposals that enhance funding for stem cell research at the federal and state levels.

To get additional information on your state's genetic laws and legislative activities, visit the following Web sites.

National Conference of State Legislature
Stem Cell Information at National Institutes of Health
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