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Pokaboos Injection Site Memory Stamps

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Imagine a stress free way to memorize your shots! Pokaboos are “injection site memory stamps” that help you identify new areas of skin for repetitive shots (while lessening the chance of tissue da READ MORE
Insulin is used to regulate the blood glucose level in Type 1 Diabetes and some Type 2 Diabetes. Along with other diabetic supplies such as needles, insulin pens, blood glucose testers, and various diabetic testing supplies, it helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Insulin is only one of the many tools used in diabetes management. There are many types of insulin such as humulin insulin, lantus insulin, humalog insulin, nhp insulin, animal insulin, and aspart insulin just to name a few. Diabetics and their doctors must decide what type is the best insulin for them because not all insulin works the same on everyone and may cause an insulin resistant situation in some.
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