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Cancer Drugs May Treat Type 1 Diabetes

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Cancer Drugs May Treat Type 1 Diabetes November 18, 2008 By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter Experiments in mice show Gleevec and Sutent reverse, prevent autoimmune disease TUESDAY, N READ MORE

Nemours lands grant to study diabetes

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Nemours lands grant to study diabetes Jacksonville Business Journal Bizjournals.com The National Institutes of Health on Monday awarded Nemours Children’s Clinic a $2.86 million grant to resear READ MORE

Research Yields More Gene Culprits In Type 1 Diabetes

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Genetics researchers have identified two novel gene locations that raise the risk of type 1 diabetes. As they continue to reveal pieces of the complicated genetic puzzle for this disease, the research READ MORE

Type 1 Diabetes may Be the Outcome of Good Genes Behaving Badly

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Researchers from Stanford University have revealed that type 1 diabetes may not be due to bad genes but rather to good genes behaving badly. Previous studies in identical twins have revealed that of READ MORE

Scientists Find the 'Real Culprit' Behind the Cause of Type 1 Diabetes

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Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have made a breakthrough in the fight against diabetes, by examining the immune cells long thought to be responsible for type 1 diab READ MORE

ÏGutÓ Bacteria That Protects Against Type 1 Diabetes: Research

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New research has brought to light a 'friendly' bacteria in the human gut that they say acts as a shield from Type 1 diabetes. The research was conducted at the Yale University and the University of Ch READ MORE

Scientists discover leptin can also aid type 1 diabetics

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Scientists discover leptin can also aid type 1 diabetics DALLAS Û Aug. 25, 2008 Û Terminally ill rodents with type 1 diabetes have been restored to full health with a single injection of a subst READ MORE
Type 1 diabetes research may show a possible cause of juvenile or adult diabetes. Type 1 diabetes patients must use insulin or insulin pump and maintain a diet of healthy foods. Health insurance will usually cover the cost of diabetic supplies, insulin, test kits, or a blood sugar monitor.
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