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Researchers explore curing diabetes with animal transplants

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Researchers explore curing diabetes with animal transplants February 1st, 2009 By Josephine Marcotty, Star Tribune, Minneapolis Physorg.com The descendents of Abraham are ready. They were bor READ MORE

TB Vaccine May Cure Diabetes

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Harvard researchers began a clinical trial in December to determine whether a vaccine originally developed to treat tuberculosis (TB) can cure Type 1 diabetes. ÏMost trials trying to reverse the di READ MORE

A Surgical Cure for Diabetes?

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A new, experimental surgery could make type 2 diabetes disappear in some patients. While doctors have refrained from calling it a cure, some believe a duodenal jejunal bypass may be the first step in READ MORE

Obesity operation may cure diabetes in many

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A new study gives the strongest evidence yet that obesity surgery can cure diabetes. Patients who had surgery to reduce the size of their stomachs were five times more likely to see their diabetes di READ MORE

Is There a Surgical Cure for Diabetes?

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Is There a Surgical Cure for Diabetes? Diabetes is one of the oldest known diseases of the western worldÛdiagnosed by Hippocrates, and named 300 years before the fall of RomeÛbut its cause was unknow READ MORE

Artificial pancreas just years away, experts agree

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Artificial pancreas just years away, experts agree July 26, 2008 By Maggie Fox Reuters BETHESDA, Maryland (Reuters) - Researchers working on an artificial pancreas believe they are just a few READ MORE

Could An Artificial Pancreas 'Cure' Diabetes?

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Could An Artificial Pancreas 'Cure' Diabetes? August 1, 2008 CityNews Ever since the discovery of life-saving insulin in Canada back in the 1920s, diabetics have been wondering if they'll ever READ MORE


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Cure American Diabetes Association Research into preventing and/or curing diabetes is ongoing. Current prevention trials involve treating close relatives of people with diabetes to see if certai READ MORE

Human trials to begin on 'diabetes cure' after terminally ill mice are returned ...

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Human trials to begin on 'diabetes cure' after terminally ill mice are returned to health By NOEL YOUNG Last updated at 23:30 14 March 2008 Most diabetes sufferers could be cured within four y READ MORE

A Cure for Diabetes?

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A Cure for Diabetes? A Cure for Diabetes May be Close! In the search for a cure for diabetes, a recent development has stunned even the experts involved. Scientists at a Toronto medical center c READ MORE
Diabetes is a disease that is still in the research stage. Many treatments centers offer a drug treatment program such as insulin, exams, and low cost health insurance to help people with diabetes.
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