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Diabetic Testing Supplies | Cheap Diabetes Test Strips

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Cheap Diabetes Test Strips is an online store that offers low prices on glucose test strips like one touch ultra. Buy with confidence now. READ MORE

Ask the Dietitian - by Joanne Larsen MS RD LD - Diabetes

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Ask the Dietitian - by Joanne Larsen MS RD LD - Diabetes About Joanne Larsen is a registered and licensed dietitian with extensive clinical experience in nutrition counseling in hospitals, READ MORE

What I need to know about Eating and Diabetes

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What I need to know about Eating and Diabetes National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse 1 Information Way Bethesda, MD 20892Ò3560 Phone: 1Ò800Ò860Ò8747 TTY: 1Ò866Ò569Ò1162 Fax: 703Ò738Ò4929 READ MORE

Making Healthy Food Choices - ADA

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Making Healthy Food Choices Knowing what to eat can be confusing. Everywhere you turn, there is news about what is or isn't good for you. Some basic principles have weathered the fad diets, and hav READ MORE
Diabetes Diet and Nutrition: Diet can affect the blood sugar level and insulin levels in the body. Some diabetics can help control their diabetes with the right food choices. A diabetes diet can affect their blood glucose level and help keep blood sugar under control. People with diabetes do not make enough insulin or are resistant to insulin and can use diet to get help managing diabetes and their blood sugar level.
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