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Smoking and Diabete

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Smoking and Diabete January 1, 2009 LifeScript s it important to quit smoking if you have diabetes? Very much so, says the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Smoking is unhealthy for anyone, READ MORE

Cigarettes and Diabetes

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Cigarettes and Diabetes November 24, 2008 by Heather Ross About.com General Risks People who smoke cigarettes, or who are exposed to any amount of second-hand smoke, experience a higher ris READ MORE

Articles on Traditional Medical and Proven Alternative Methods to Prevent Sympto...

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The Diabetes, Weight Loss and Diet web site focuses on traditional and alternative ways of treating, preventing and managing diabetes symptoms , free glycemic index, weight loss and diet. Check out o READ MORE
Exercise is a part of maintaining good health and preventing diabetes. By exercising you can prevent diabetes, lower your cholesterol, and maintain good health and beauty. Doctors check your blood sugar level for diabetes.
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