Native Diabetes Prevention Intervention Conference - 26 - 28 January 2009 - Phoenix, Arizona
Native Diabetes Prevention Conference
January 26-28, 2009
Grace Inn at Ahwatukee
Phoenix, AZ

Abstract: Health Promotion Programs has hosted an annual Native Diabetes Prevention Conference since 1996. Past conferences have “focused on both personal empowerment (individuals having vision, resources, knowledge and skills to initiate healthy lifestyle changes) and community empowerment (community members taking a proactive approach to healthy change in Native communities).” Conference workshops include traditional and clinical approaches to diabetes prevention. Anyone with diabetes or their family members affected by the disease are invited to attend.
Contact: Megan (405) 325-2379
Sponsor: Health Promotion Programs

This conference brings together Native men and women from all walks of life. From the health professional working in the field of diabetes to people working in health behavior change, to people with diabetes, or people looking for an opportunity to learn more and network with other people — the conference provides an opportunity to share a collective wisdom on issues of Native diabetes


IMPROVE knowledge and skills related to diabetes education, prevention,
intervention and treatment
LEARN to apply the holistic and wellness model to diabetes prevention efforts
SHARE in the celebration of effective diabetes prevention programs, interventions and
APPLY general session and workshop learning to create a personal and/or professional plan of action
NETWORK with native and non-native people who have similar experiences and goals related to diabetes prevention, intervention and treatment
Who Should Attend:

Community leaders
Counselors and therapists
Program administrators and staff
Community Health Representatives
Medical clinicians and other healers
Diabetes and other health educators
Individuals with diabetes and their family members
Wellness consultants / exercise specialists / nutritionists

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